TRIA is an innovative and sustainable foodware company that Geometria has successfully incubated. Since its founding in 2016, TRIA has gained favourable traction from the Singapore market. Their clients include notable F&B players such as Sodexo, Select Group, Pezzo Group and Old Chang Kee. They have also started spreading their regional influence, exporting their foodware to countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

TRIA has a unique proposition that sets it apart from their competition — they have formulated their own sustainable material (NEUTRIA®) that can be part of a zero-waste ecosystem (Bio24). On top of that, they also have an eye for creating inventively clever and eye-catching food packaging designs that cannot be found elsewhere in the market.

(Bio24 is TRIA’s new zero waste eco-system. It is able to rapidly digest NEUTRIA® foodware, along with food waste, into mineral-rich compost. It is a world-first technology, allowing for a close-loop approach to disposable foodware. The Bio24 program is currently on a pilot run with Sodexo, one of the world’s biggest food service providers.)

Connecting the Dots
Deep-diving into the crux of the problem, we understood that TRIA has a world-first technological solution to solve the disposable foodware waste problem. However, what they needed was an effective go-to-market strategy to bridge the gap between their technology and consumer behaviour.

Hence, value-creation is imperative, and it is important for TRIA to create new appeals in their foodware. Sustainability alone is not enough and remains an obligation for many of their clients. Working on their strengths, we went in to redefine TRIA’s business model where innovation and design became the key catalysts for the adoption of sustainable foodware, interweaving thoughtfulness, beauty and convenience, rather than just green material replacements.

The End-Game Scenario
As TRIA strives towards making an impact in the food-service industry, the ultimate goal is to embed a close-looped system worldwide, leading and inculcating mindset-changing initiatives. It envisions to become synonymous with traits that are forward-looking, innovative and sustainable, within the food packaging industry.

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