Founded in 2012, TOWKAY is a lifestyle brand focusing on lightweight casual wear for warm climates. The TOWKAY shirt is its flagship product, followed by various lifestyle apparel and accessories. The brand differentiates itself by anchoring to local Singapore heritage, tapping deeper on traditional aesthetics and the way it is presented. A possible extension of the brand into gifts, souvenirs and the F&B market is being looked into.

The TOWKAY brand is built on forgotten traditions and values, reminiscent of the past when refugees arrived in waves, seeking shelter in a foreign land, with hopes for a better life. The word towkay is inspired by the mutual greetings between local businessmen, customers or friends regardless of stature. Towkay literally means “boss” or business “owner”, but in the Singaporean context, it mostly infers respect. The gesture itself embodies a deep sense of humility in the Asian culture – a value quickly losing grip amongst larger influences.

ClientTowkayServicesBranding, Product DesignYear2012