Frank 2-in-1 Serving Box

FRANK is a gourmet hotdog joint operating out of a retrofitted mobile shipping container, providing a mobile dining experience that embodies the modern notion of street food.

The container is designed to be easily transported and deployed in minutes, with every detail from light fixtures to furniture positioning meticulously planned out. The deployment itself is a sight to behold, a transformation that never fails to impress passersby.

Drawing inspiration from the adaptability of the container, we too, designed a transformable serving box, one that can be used for both dine-in and takeaways. This is made possible by a two-way lid which can be either tucked into the box for dine-in, or pulled over the box for takeaway (patent pending). This duality means the operational team only requires one serving box for all scenarios. It also eliminates the need for dishwashing and hence, maximises the already-scarce kitchen space.

FRANK places a high emphasis on the craft of making their artisanal buns, preferring an aesthetic language that conveys authenticity and craftsmanship for their serving box. As such, a minimal wood plank texture was selected as it brings out the natural warmth of the recycled paper material.

The choice of recycled paper also reinforces the idea of a second life, in much the same spirit of a used shipping container given a new purpose.


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