Puvay Bird’s Nest

Puvay is a new bird’s nest brand that believes in a sustainable future for consumers and the environment. As such, they insist on ethical practices in harvesting and processing bird’s nest.

Puvay’s proprietary bird’s nest cleaning technology delivers a level of purity and finesse no competitor can match. As a demonstration of the technology, the design of packaging is vastly different from competitor brands – an honest, transparent showcase of the bird’s nest; allowing beauty to show from within; framed; and with a touch of Chinese heritage.

We created the “Go Green initiative” for Puvay’s bottle packaging which emphasizes on reusing and recycling. Designed to be readily recycled, the packaging materials used are mainly recycled corrugated board, glass and aluminum – no plastics! The use of corrugated board, instead of conventional art card material, allowed us to lower the cost by 4 times! Box folding principles are IP protected.

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