Little Zebra

Zebra is a Singapore brand that specialises in bedding products, such as pillows and mattresses, for newborns and children. Realising that many of its customers were using their products as baby shower gifts, Little Zebra decided to repackage their Newborn Pillow to better position it for the gifting market.

In Singapore, the birth of a child is a much celebrated event and goes hand-in-hand with gifting. Well-wishers often hope to buy gifts that are appealing and useful for the child, or even better, a meaningful gift that the child can grow up with, instead of grow out of. With this in mind, we worked around the notion of “keepsakes”, adding an enduring quality to the design. In doing so, we hope to meaningfully link the child and the gift, much like how some children become attached to their first pillow or blanket.

To capture the special moment of birth, we expressed it through a ‘swaddling’ language, just as how newborns are wrapped in a soft, cosy blanket upon birth. The box is also designed to be sturdy and easy to open, to invite the use of the box as a holder of memorable keepsakes as the child grows up.

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