Kyuukei Udon x Soba

Kyuukei is a new Japanese noodle bar located at Marina Bay Link Mall, in the bustling CBD area. Their unique ordering flow, which we devised, allows customers to customise their meal, letting them choose their noodles, broth, side dishes and more. The seating plan in the restaurant also caters for lone-dining, allowing busy businessmen a chance to have a quick meal, undisturbed.

We worked closely with the client to develop the logo, brand colours and patterns while also communicating with the interior design team, to ensure overall consistency of the brand. The concept for the brand is Japanese-inspired, paired with a fun modernity. The blue colour scheme adds a touch of tradition, inspired by the common colour used for noren, the traditional fabric dividers hung in the doorways of Japanese shops.

We also designed a proprietary one-use tray for dining in as well as takeaway orders. The tray compartments are made to hold each cup and bowl perfectly, resulting in a neat set meal look. It is also made of recycled fibre, and flattenable when not in use, freeing up valuable storage space in the kitchen.

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