DiningButler UI

DiningButler’s UI challenge was to humanise the experience of a virtual waiter. We’ve worked closely with the client to redesign the entire dining experience — from start to end. Understanding the pain points in conventional dining, we took the opportunity to address long waiting times between ordering and submitting an order, especially so during peak hours.

From customising orders to receiving personalised notifications, the app sets out to elevate the perceptions of self-service ordering flow. Multiple dining options allow users to choose between dining in, taking out, or make a reservation. These touchpoints provide an effective and efficient platform for consumers to order and pay through their mobile phones. Besides taking orders, users can choose to join tables with a friend and view each other’s orders, just as you would in a real world setting. The option of splitting or combining bills, saves time and reduces the awkward moments of collecting cash at the end of your meal.

ClientDiningButlerServicesUI / UX DesignYear2016Linkwww.diningbutler.com

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