Diamond Walker

Diamond Walker is a bespoke shoe brand specializing in quality leather shoes for men with made-to-measure services. Founded and headquartered in Singapore, their bespoke shoes are all designed and hand-made by craftsmen in Seoul, Korea, using only the finest leathers from Italy. Diamond Walker bespoke shoes are now worn by many celebrities, personalities and men-in-the-street with a penchant for individual style.

The standard shoe box is often used as a shoe box alone. What if it could be more? We decided to elevate the design of the Diamond Walker shoe box with two new dual-use packaging concepts.

The Aesthete Collector seeks to combine practicality and presentation. The box is designed to act as a both a standard shoe box and display case. By simply opening up the boxes and stacking them on a simple shelf, a presentable display is achieved with minimal effort. The Sartorial Suite, on the other hand, is an all-in-one box with considered compartments that fit both the shoe and its accessories perfectly. The handle on the box also allows the discerning gentleman to take home his new purchase proudly. All this, without the need for a separate bag, which helps in reducing waste.

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