City Satay

City Satay is a food product provider specialising in quality BBQ products like satay, yakitori, chicken wings and more. Inspired by the nation building spirit of early Singapore, the City Satay’s satay is made with a blend of Asian spices such as five-spices powder, galangal and star anise, tailoring to the multicultural taste palates of Singaporeans, .

Their newest product, Ready-to-Eat satay, is prepackaged and aims to break in to a new market segment – tourists. After doing first-hand research at the airport, we learnt that when tourists are purchasing Singaporean food gifts, they do look out for unique local flavours that represents Singapore. More often than not, they default to ‘safe choices’ such as sweets and chocolates due to familiarity. This insight led us to create a product that is travel-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, a product that expresses the true taste of a Singaporean traditional delicacy.

From product archetype down to packaging design, we presented the new product in the form of a traditional ‘secret’ local recipe book. Specially designed as a Singaporean food gift, travelers from all around the world can now bring the taste of Singapore home with them.

You can tuck into this sweet and savoury harmony of flavours at Taste Singapore stores at Changi Airport Terminals 1 and 4 transit areas.

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